Cyberfox 52.9

Navigate the Internet in a secure way and manage your downloads
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Browse the Internet without having your data collected and sent to third parties. Download and organize files using the download manager, create bookmarks, add various extensions, change the tab position, access developer tools, and enable geolocation options.

Cyberfox is a powerful and handy web browser that resembles the popular Mozilla Firefox quite a lot as it uses Mozilla’s source code. It’s an open source browser that uses its own installation profile, which means that you do not need to uninstall Firefox to install and use this browser on the same computer as well. Furthermore, Cyberfox removes all the features from Firefox that collected and sent information about your browsing habits and data to third parties. This doesn’t only make it more secure and more suitable for the protection of your privacy, but it also makes it faster, more lightweight, more stable and more reliable.

Anyway, Cyberfox kept all the handy features and functions that made Firefox the popular web browser that everybody acclaims. Therefore, it’s fast, reliable, easy-to-use, and it comes packed with a lot of cool options and built-in tools. Everything you like about Firefox is also available within Cyberfox, too: the tabbed interface, the download manager, the extensions, the developer tools, etc.

In conclusion, Cyberfox represents a nice choice if you’re interested in trying a new browser. It’s rather obscure compared to the popular browser, but this doesn’t mean it’s less valuable.

Margie Smeer
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  • Open source
  • Removes the Mozilla features that concerned your privacy
  • Comes with interface themes


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